Hi, I'm Shelby.

I help women who are consciously aware there is a reason they are here, 
they just don't know how to tap into it
They over achieve, self-doubt, try to control, perfect and numb their way through life,
all the while knowing that there is something more they could be doing. 

It can be a vicious cycle that keep you feeling less than empowered and
like you are wasting your precious time. 

This is where I come in.
I help women to remember why they are here, what they're capable of and
 to embrace their inner wisdom with courage
Because courage + clarity = empowerment. 

I like to keep things practical but with a dash of magic too.
Because although I believe you are oh-so-capable, I also believe there are
many unseen forces in your life that are here to help you, if you only tap into them. 

Why do it all alone when you don't have too?







I remind them of the passion, openness, freedom, and playfulness that is
available to them, so that they can release the pain and create a life they are in love with.
They can be authentic
Because courage + clair


I help them to reconnect with their own inner wisdom and creative power source within, 

while sharing both practical and magical tools they can use to empower themselves from the inside out.  



 I powerful and practical tools, techniques and  so they can feel clear, confident and courageous to consciously create the life they dream of.
Because courage + clarity = empowerment.

Ignite your inner light. 


All the over-achieving, control-freaking and perfectionist tendencies
are I am sure leaving you exhausted, (I know it did me!).
It was finally when I was burnt out, exhausted and still oh-so-unsatisfied that I reasoned there MUST be a better way. 

I want you to know there is a better way.
A way of flow, connection, serendipity and empowerment.

As women, we are not always in the same state, but rather always in seasons.
It is using your own body as you guide, so you can stop working
harder and start working smarter. 



There is so much untapped wisdom within your own body, and I want you
to connect with that inner knowing,

The version of you that you long to be is already inside you.
It is you.
I am here to help you remember that.

My strongest desire is for you to to own who you are, follow your intuition and light up the world, 
while serving in the highest, most abundant way you can! 

 Our world is crying out for positive change makers, leaders and way-showers.

If you have been hearing that call, the one that is asking you to
rise up, own your gifts and be a conscious Light-worker in the world, 
I want you to answer that call. 

A Lightworker is anyone who wants to use their gifts, talents and passions
in a way that only they can, while serving the world and doing their part to become the
most authentic they can be. 

I am here to support you, and provide a safe space as you step into you own power and most authentic self.
A place where you can let the fear out, break down and breakthrough.

I may not know you, but I know what is in you.
You are made of Cosmic stardust.
Yup, that's right. 
You are here to do epic sh*t!

But first, you have to believe in yourself!

The hardest lesson you will ever learn is to believe that you CAN,
that you are powerful beyond measure and deserve to GO BIG!

If you have been waiting for permission to be powerful, here it is.
I am here to help you surrender, gain clarity and rise up to the women you desire to be.

You chose to incarnate at this pivotal point in history.

Do you want to discover why you are here, what your soul is calling you to do,
and live the life you were destined to live?
Are you feeling the call to rise up?
Do you want to stop being anything other than your most authentic, bright and inspired self?

Are you ready to trade in the rat race of making ends meet, self-sabotage and settling for less than you desire?

Have you been on the search for more meaning, fulfillment and purpose within your own life, all the while getting caught up in things you know will NOT bring that to you?

 If so, it is time for a change my friend.


THIS is where I come in. 

I have a burning passion for helping women realize that they are worthy,
deserving and capable of achieving anything they desire in life. 

I know that you have an internal guidance system that already knows all that you desire;
 I am here to help you get in touch with it. 

You do NOT have to choose between being of service to the world
and creating massive abundance in your life.
You Can Have It All!

There are no mistakes with the Universe. 

Just like you being here, reading this page.
 We have connected for a reason!  
Of all the potential possibilities, here we are.

The Universe has your back and loves to co-create with you. Once you decide you are ready to go bigger, do more with your life and start consciously creating, there is no stopping you! 

If you are hungry for more, and have a burning desire to answer the calling that is in your heart, I am your girl.
I would be honoured to serve you and teach you everything I know. 

Together we are powerful, together by allowing our Light to shine, we allow others to do the same.

Learn how to master your mind, create with intention and love the life you live. 

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing how you change the world. ♥

All my Love and Light,


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 
- Marianne Williamson