6 Tips For Healing your Feminine Energy

Masculine and Feminine energy is a subject that fascinates me.

I have found it so profoundly insightful and informative in my own life. But before I go further, I want to explain what I mean by that. 

Everyone on us have both masculine and feminine energy, regardless of gender. It is the energy I am speaking about, not the actual sex of a person when I describe this. 

Masculine energy is logic, direct, straight forward, linear, action taking, reaction, parts, sequential, rushing, external.

Feminine energy is intuition, random, creative, cyclical, receptive, big picture, holistic, nurturing, internal.

I believe that today we are seeing a huge imbalance in both males and females. I will share with you a personal example:

As a woman, after learning about energies could see that I was VERY much in my masculine energy. We live in a patriarchal society that favours this energy, so it is totally natural to understand how this happened. 

See, a woman is not a "lovelier version of a man" (thanks Liz Dialto), and yet the whole time that was exactly what I had been trying to be. 

I had subjugated and shamed parts of my femininity that I thought were unworthy. I never seemed to get along with girls and often had more male friends growing up. I even went as far as to not really own or enjoy the colour pink as I thought it was to "girly". 

Even though I wore make up and things, I never considered myself overly feminine and I wore that like a badge of honour. I thought motherhood was a burden and didn't like the idea of having kids or having to "give up" my body. 

I realized that by judging these parts of femininity, I was really just resisting myself and the fact that I AM indeed a woman. I may never have kids, but that doesn't mean I need to feel resistant/resentful/judgey around motherhood, or any other stage of what it means to be a woman. 

For example, when it comes to make-up, I have both done fazes of wearing a lot and then none at all. I had to actually think about make up and what I thought about it PERSONALLY and came to decide I enjoy wearing it, when I want to. 

I used to feel chained to it, like I was to "ugly" to be seen without it, all the while holding thoughts of resentment towards it for the time I spent putting it on. 

It wasn't until I actually looked at myself and decided that in fact, I love wearing make up! I just don't feel I HAVE to anymore. If I want to go out without any on, I feel completely free to do that. 
On the other hand, if I want a full cake up, I can do that too!

That's the thing, every woman will have her own personal view on what it means to be feminine, we are all a reflection of the Universe and so naturally, all expressions would come forth. 

The point in this email is to share some ways in which I have found healing in this aspect of my life and the great joy it has brought me. 

You go, boo!

1. Get Creative!
I love adult colouring books for this, it is such a simple way to just let yourself create for the sake of creating. Painting, colouring, re-decorating, designing whatever creativity looks like to you, do more of that!

It is inherently female to create, that is why we were given the gift to to create life. 

2. Practice Receiving
If someone compliments you, just say thank you. If someone offers to hold the door, a friend offers to buy you lunch, or your other half offers to do the dishes, just say yes. 

When you allow yourself to receive, you are actually keeping the energy in flow. If you only give, you will deplete your energy and become resentful.  By allowing yourself to receive, you are telling the Universe you are open to receiving even more good stuff. Who knows, could be a trip, a job promotion or who knows what! 

Allow yourself to receive and you will be opening door of abundance and opportunity already available to you. 

3. Get moving!
Shake that booty, swing your hips, shake your wrists whatever you gotta do, but literally dance and move! Energy is stored within your body and to move it out of you is oh so delicious. It doesn't have to be serious, do it for yourself in front of your mirror, just have fun with it!

4. Have More Orgasms
Yup, this is a goodie ;). It allows the creative energy to flow, literally! You awake sensual, emotional, intuitive and creative ideas when you orgasm more. This doesn't have to be a pain point, you don't need a partner for this one. Do for yourself if need be, but don't deny yourself the act of pleasure and ecstasy. Sexual energy brings life into the world, this is a powerful and dynamic force, but I will save the depth of that for another time.

5. Indulge Your Senses
While masculine energy tends to be mental, female energy is sensual. Put on a delicious scent, view artwork that inspires you, touch and wear fabrics that feel amazing on you, close your eyes while you eat something delicious to really soak up the awesome-ness of it, just let your senses be stimulated. Enjoy what it means to be alive, to be here and to be present. Get out of your head, and into your bodayy!! 

6. Re-Connect
Go out in Nature, call up an old friend, take your Mommah for a coffee, do something to connect with those you love and the places that you love. Go for a drive to a special view that lights you up, take the time to really hang out with someone you have been meaning to for a while, female energy is all about connecting and intimacy. 

If you have a partner, try and plan a special evening or hour where you can really be present and connect with each other. Make a delicious meal, have great sex, massage each other, have a deep chat, just get up in there! Haha. Connection is so good for the soul and for the feminine energy.

I hope that these tips find you well and you welcome more of that juicy, delicious feminine energy into your life!  This truly is a subject I am fascinated with, so stay tuned for more on this topic in the future and in the mean time, keep it real ladies!

All my Love and Light,