Why Comparison Is Corruption

Have you ever looked at someone and thought to yourself, “They are so awesome!” And then immediately started to compare yourself to them? Maybe you follow up with thoughts like, “They are so successful, they must have something I don’t.” Whether that be money, success, beauty or anything else that sparks the Ego into a full fledged competition in your mind against someone else, comparison is the death of our gifts.

I saw on a TV show once (one of those singing ones), a woman who knocked it out of the park singing, she was truly talented!

The host of the show then asked the following contestant if she was nervous to go after someone so gifted and her response was along the lines of, “To compare myself to her would only diminish my Queendom. Her talent does not compare to mine, and mine does not compare to hers, we are both talented in our own way.”

Hearing her response it really hit home for me. I found that I was doing that, and more than I liked to admit. I was looking at other women who were living a life I wanted or looking a way I desired and feeling bad about myself, (even if for a moment), because I didn't seem to have the same success. I think of myself as someone who is talented and confident, someone who has done a lot of personal work to let go of limiting beliefs, so why was I still comparing myself?

Why was I still letting feelings of inadequacy creep in as I scrolled through Instagram or my Facebook Feed?

I feel that as women, (men too), we often compare ourselves to other women and then think less of ourselves if they are more successful, have a great body or lots of followers in social media. Instead of celebrating another woman’s Queendom, we at times judge our own self worth against the illusion of theirs.

To judge our own talents and strengths against others is truly a diminishing act. To compare is to corrupt. It corrupts our own talents, strengths and gifts and also feeds into the limiting beliefs that the Ego can have. Instead of focusing on what we feel we are lacking, we should be focusing on our strengths and the things about ourselves we love.

As Wayne Dyer says, “What we think about expands.” So naturally, if we think lacking thoughts, by definition our lack would have to expand. If we think encouraging thoughts, our encouragement would have to expand. Self love doesn’t exist out there, or in the amount of people following me on social media, it exists within my own soul.

I want to invite you to do a cleanse, to get rid of the triggers that keep you second guessing and calling yourself down. I am talking detox time! Just like an addict, remove the triggers from your life and start focusing on the things that make you feel good about yourself. So she has a great body? Great! That just means it is possible for you to have glowing health too. Super successful? Awesome! It just shows you what is possible if you commit yourself.

Remember, everyone who has something you desire is really helping you. How? If it has been done before, it means that the path is already cleared in the Universe, and, you can then go beyond their success, or simply it could mean that now you can achieve the same success in a shorter amount of time.

We as women need to stick together, to celebrate our successes and how far we have come! Not the size of our breasts or lips, as if that has anything to do with who we are as a person. We are more than tits and ass, we are living breathing souls who are beautiful from the inside out and I welcome you to start seeing that.

The images you see are not even real half of the time anyways, so even the beautiful women you see may not even look like that, and since when did we accept that as the norm?

Today, I want you to think of three things you love about yourself, and even more if you can think about them! I want you to unapologetically celebrate all that you are and where you are at in life right NOW! You are a miracle in your presence and your Queendom does not deserve to be diminished my comparing yourself.

Celebrate all that us females can do, we are pretty amazing creatures!


All my Love and Light,


- Shelby

Shelby Brown