Why It Is Imperative You Step Into Your Potential

When it comes to saving the world, it can seem so overwhelming at times that a person doesn’t know where to begin. The amount of dysfunction going on can leave a person wondering, what can I do?

The thought can be so overpowering, so bombarding that we never take any action because it can feel futile. We wonder how one person we can have an impact, and if it would even matter if we tried. We look at all the things we would have to “give up” and have ideas that perhaps there isn’t enough to go around.

I get it, and I have been there.

I remember reading a lot of posts with things like you can’t save anyone until you save yourself. At the time, that seemed to far-out and I, being a “go-getter,” wanted a more action based approach.

Being an extreme type of person, I wasn’t scared of drastic ideas, I just wondered what effect I could really have. At that point in my life, I didn’t see how helping myself was THE most drastic form of action I could take.

I read a lot and watched a lot of documentaries during this time. I came across this one video on Youtube, (I suggest you check it out) called The Awakening – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness. In this video (and I am paraphrasing), the idea is that the Human Consciousness is not a single mind giving orders, but instead millions of smaller cells that work together to create an overall state.

For example, if one is hungry, it is not one consciousness telling the brain “I am hungry!” but rather many neurons that relate to hunger who are all firing simultaneously, and, that together creates a feeling of hunger.

So in essence, feelings are just chemical states produced in our brain by an abundance of single cells working in harmony. If we take this example to a bigger scope, we could look at ourselves as individual neurons. Each of us with our own desires and ideas of the world, working independently, yet part of society which in this case would be the brain.

If we as individuals are working to our greatest potential, with enough of us doing so, it would then create the greatest potential in our society.

It would become our reality.

Us reaching for our greatest potential is raising the vibration or mood of the society. It may feel like you are not doing enough, but by allowing your expanded self to occupy this space on Earth, you are literally allowing others to do the same. It is then vital that we vow to step into our greatest self. What greater gift could you give yourself and, therefore, the World? By becoming aware of your place in the mind of our planet, you are allowing a change in trajectory and creating the possibility of change. It has to come from action!

Let me give you an example... When I started making positive changes in my life, I would often talk about those changes to my friends and family. I would (without being asked), offer my advice and let them know where they could afford to make changes, (in my opinion). I wasn’t doing it to be critical, I was genuinely trying to inform and help them. It seemed to fall on deaf ears, and even became somewhat of an underlying vibe that felt like “Oh there goes Shelby again..” After all my advice they rarely took any action. What gives?!

I decided I would no longer give my advice unless it was asked. I began to focus on my dreams, and how I could be using my time to take more action in my own life and not be so concerned with the lack-of-action in others.

I found myself getting a lot done and really getting excited about the new life I was creating for myself. My progress gave me motivation, and I really started to feel alive again! There was passion in my life, a very unfamiliar feeling and it was amazing! It was bleeding into all avenues of my life and giving me more courage as well. It was at this point, my Brother called me and told me that he had decided to take action towards some new passions in his life. He said his reasons came about after watching me take action towards my dreams that he really felt inspired to do the same. That really inspired me. I realized it wasn’t in what I said, but in what I DID that allowed others to feel inspired!

By taking action, it lead one of the most important people in my life to do the same and it was an AMAZING feeling.

That is what will cause lasting change! We don’t follow what people say, we follow what they DO, who they are. When you care about your own life more, you care about the environment and the lives of others around you more too. You naturally start making smarter, more sustainable choices because you realize we only have one home and that we all share it. Imagine if past generations had decided they didn’t care about the state of the planet, that they adopted a screw it, I'll be dead anyways kinda attitude? No one would be here, including you and I. So let’s be who we were born to be. Let’s step into our true selves, take action and be our own heroes! The World is waiting, if not counting on you to do so. And with that, I will leave you with a quote that really seems to sum this up beautifully.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
– Mother Teresa

All my Love and Light

Shelby Brown

Shelby Brown