VanIsle Squad Goals

Let me start by saying, it is a powerful thing when we women come together!!

Last night was a shining example of how when beautiful, creative minds come together, all things are possible. I had the pleasure of attending the VanIsle Biz Babes event last night, and I really do feel I left changed. I witnessed a multitude of unique, creative females stepping into their greatness and allowing others in on the journey.

I really do believe the vibe of the world is changing, and I felt that last night. Everyone was there for their own creative venture, all equally fascinating and awesome. There is enough room for us all to shine! I saw the truth of how we females treat each other, not the unsupportive ideas presented by the media.

No cattyness, no snarky comment and no one trying to bring another down. It was nothing like Mean Girls!

As a girl who always felt like she was on the “outside” of the female crowd, I never really felt I fit in with large groups of women. It would almost give me anxiety, and so I avoided it at all costs. I realized that my own fears were projecting onto women and ultimately influencing how they treated me. When I opened my heart to allow myself to attract other, similar minded women who were also going for their dreams, I didn’t expect to see a room filled with them!

The journey to your dreams is tough, and I know that when I signed up for self expansion and last night the lonely road didn’t seem so lonely, I realized that all these other women had felt the same way and were navigating their own roads too. It really was eye opening and touching and I wanted to share my love and support to all of you.

I know the road can be messy, uncomfortable and mucky. The worst part is we don’t know where it will end, and, when we will finally have a break through. But the good news? It is ALWAYS worth it and AWLAYS exceeds my expectations.

So to my soul sisters, my freedomistats and damn well anyone who is trenching through the journey to self love, may you know you have my love and support and I commend you brave soul. Cheers to you, to all that you are, and to all you have been!!

Happy Friday Lovelies :)

Shelby Brown