The Lottery You Have Already Won

When it comes to fantasies, many would agree that to win the lottery would be a fantasy to come true. We find ourselves daydreaming about the things we would do with our new found fortune, how drastically our lives would change and how our problems would be solved.

I often hear people say things like “You should go buy a lottery ticket!” when you get the last item you were looking for, or win a contest, seemingly associated with great luck and a life full of happiness.

Yet, at the same time most people know the odds that they are up against. The one in fourteen million (or more) odds that we will have the winning numbers, and in some ways that keeps the fantasy alive.

But I am here to let you know the lottery you have already one.

Out of the billions of potential souls that could be, here you are.

You have already beaten odds far greater than any lottery on Earth, some scientists say those odds are about one in 400 trillion.

Yes, trillion.

Your Mother and Father had to go through the twists and turns of life, to end up meeting each other at the precise time and ultimately liking each other enough to become intimate. Then, there are the odds of your Mother becoming pregnant, and the odds of the sperm meeting the egg (which are about 1 in 400 quadrillion according to Huffington Post).

You can see from my statistics so far, not even including you making it through pregnancy, through life and everything that has happened up until now, you have faced much greater odds that that of the lottery, and won!

You have already accomplished the greatest gift that this dimension has to offer, that of life.

(If interested, check out Richard Dawkins - We Are Going To Die on YouTube. It's a wonderful video that sums this up beautifully in about 3 minutes).

To break it down, if you are breathing, you are encompassing the life force that created everything you see around you. To be reading this right now is a gift.

How blessed are we that we can have this type of discussion? Some places in the world are not even allowed to speak their minds, let alone create a career out of it!

WE have the gift of freedom, freedom in our minds, our thoughts and our actions.

With that said, we can be anyone we want to be and do anything we want to do. So why do we let the wide open possibilities hold us back? Why do we use our freedom as a crutch to not get started on our dreams?

As the saying goes, sometimes our WORK is not our LIFE'S WORK.

So what are the odds you have convinced yourself are to difficult? What are the blocks that are holding you back from becoming all you can be?

Some of mine were money, time and to be honest the amount of work it may take.

I made myself believe that those factors were working against me, when in reality it was simply my beliefs about them. I am not saying those things don’t still scare me from time to time, (at times more often) but instead I remember the incredible luck I have already achieved.

I remember that my presence is needed, and if it is true that I have over come 1 in 400 trillion odds already, there must be a damn good reason.

I remember it is more important to share my message than to hide from it.

Just like the passions and interests you possess are not an accident, neither was creating you, you were created as a being with infinite possibility!

By giving yourself a pat on the back and some good old fashion self love, you are already increasing the odds in your favour. You are becoming aware of the power that resides within you, the power that is connected with the Universe and by recognizing it, you are increasing it!

So I challenge you, what are some dreams you have?

What are some goals you would love to achieve this year, in this life, and don’t limit yourselves! Take your power back in recognizing you CAN overcome any obstacle.

You CAN achieve anything you set your mind to, you have ALREADY beaten the highest odds against you!

Sending you Love and Light!

- Shelby

Shelby Brown