Money Mentality 101

I love money.

Chances are, you love money.

What some of us get lost in, is thinking that it’s the money that we want. But deep down, we know that it’s not. It the experience that we think it will bring us. For me personally, that is Freedom with a capital F.

Freedom to make the choices I want, go the places I want to go, and give how I want to give. To know my food, housing, helping those out I care about, and giving myself a little sum’ sum is covered.

It’s about surrendering to that part of you that dreams in wide open spaces, real adventures and experiencing this planet we all share. It’s for being generous, giving back and living life the way you want to. It’s about being authentic and abundant because, well, who better? It’s about being curious and passionate just because you CAN.

THAT is what I want money for, THAT is what I am after, and I got to thinking, where does this passion for freedom come from? My answer is it comes from within. It comes from that truly wild, pulsating and vast place within our hearts. (If you have been to the West Coast, you KNOW this to be true!!)

Because isn’t that the real human experience we are after? Happiness, raw-ness and just a real chance to live how we want to, regardless of how that looks to anyone else?

Money is energy. It is a currency that we have all agreed to participate in, but it comes down to just being the meaning that we give to it. If you can attract jobs, friends and opportunities in your life, there is nothing different about money!

Think about it, it’s all relative. It’s all just what we decide to think about it.

So if you are wanting to create abundance, get real and ask yourself, what FEELING is it that you are looking for the money to bring you? Security, freedom, adventure or happiness?

Focus on those feelings. Follow those feelings.

Those are the ones that will bring you the real abundance, wealth and fulfillment. Those are the ones that are leading you back home. Be curious, follow “signs” and never forget, there is an entourage of Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Beings, or whatever you want to call it, that have you back if you are just open to asking for their help. A really big, really vast entourage too.

(Bet you didn’t think I would talk about Angels and money, did ya?)

But this is me, being authentic and following what makes me feel good. It is me realizing that the two don’t have to be separate. Because when it is all said and done, I want my money to come from the things that make me feel good, happy and inspired inside.

I feel good knowing that I don’t have to figure it all out and do all the work, I can just allow myself to be taken by something that is a hell-of-a-lot more aware of the bigger picture, and where I fit into it all.

It’s about giving my self permission to have it all, make bank and do it with a shit-eating grin on my face, while actually being of high service to the world! Because I can. And so can you. Because who better?

All my Love and Light, 


Shelby Brown