It Takes One To Fall In Love <3

Do you love yourself?

Like really, if I asked you to sit down in front of a mirror, by yourself, and look yourself in the eyes and say, “I love you.” What would happen? Would you look away? Would you laugh? Would you not even both and say that’s stupid. Or, would you believe it?

How you live you life comes down to how you love yourself. It is as if we all have tinted glasses, the tint is the result of past experiences. How we view ourselves in these experiences can sometimes lead us judgement and criticism. I know because I used to do it to myself all of the time. Others criticism could never compare to my own, they could be mean but I was wicked. I saw the world and all experiences through that tint, but I never knew there was anything different.

I only started to realize there even was a tint when I started to love myself. I never realized how harsh my mind was until I started to analyze my thoughts. At first, I would catch something and think, “No way! Seriously? How have I been thinking that?” I couldn’t believe the stuff I was hearing! I knew that I couldn’t create another complex by judging myself for having said “judgey” thoughts, so I tried an unfamiliar tactic. I tried self love.

I was patient with myself and would try to encourage myself even if it felt weird. The first couple days that I told myself I was going to try being kinder, I was tested. People were rude, I would say dumb things, and I made mistakes on projects. That is life. We can never really know if we love ourselves until we find we have made a mistake, that second after its happened, what does your mind tell you about yourself?

I now have been self romancing for about a year and my life has changed completely. It has not been easy, but it has been worth it. The tint I used to see through has all but faded away and I am left with a vibrant and sparkling shade. I can see when people are projecting and have learned to not take it personally, I have learned that what I do or how I look has nothing to do with who I am. I realize that we all have an amazing gift and now that I started seeing my own, others gifts shine even brighter in my eyes as well.

If you want to save the world, save yourself. It is the biggest and boldest thing you can do to change your life and change the world!!

All my Love and Light,

Shelby Brown

Shelby Brown