Do You Know That You Are Beautiful?

Did you know only 4% of women think of themselves as beautiful? It is even said young women are more afraid of becoming fat than loosing both parents or developing cancer.

It seems so many women these days are striving for one version of beauty. Puffy lips, Botox and big, round boobs seem to be the standard.

We inflate our breasts, lips and butts while sometimes deflating our worth, value and true desires. We think our “meat shell” defines us, give us value us and determines if we are to be loveable or not.

We compete for a standard that isn't real and have accepted photoshop as normal.

We think that wrinkles are ugly, while we forget not everyone has the chance to grow old.

It is as if we are all striving to look like a rose, forgetting how beautiful the lily, orchid and tulip can be.

Beauty is multi-faceted. Yes a rose is beautiful, but it is not the only type of beautiful flower. This is how I see women and men. Each with their own unique version of what is beautiful.

The truth is YOU are the one who decides you are beautiful, no one else can give you that. The more you want to look like someone else, the more the world misses out on you. Do you know how many starts had to collide into our planet, how many millions of people who had to fall in love, create new life and come together for you to look the way that you do?

It is a statistic that is unfathomable. Don’t forget the care and attention the Universe put into creating you. You are to be cherished, not compromised.

I love you, you are beautiful, this is what I know.

Shelby Brown