As a recovering control freak, I really made sure I was "in control". 
I needed to be in control of everything, which usually left me biting off more than I could chew and in a state of overwhelm.

Sure, I would handle it and get the job done, but I was a hot mess on in inside. I would get lost in circumstances and take on everyone else's problems, feeling like it was up to me to straighten them out.

And even if I got 99% of the things right, I would focus on that one, teeny, tiny little thing I didn't do. I was so hard on myself, (and am still working on that one!), but I have learned an invaluable lesson along the way, and that is that I was never actually in control.

It is an illusion, one that keeps us fearful and stressed out. There is a cosmic force that keeps my hair growing, the world turning and the ocean currents moving.

It creates stars, people, animals, plants, galaxies, atmospheres and tiny, microscopic atoms that make up all that we see. This is the same force that brought us into existence, and will be the same one that will bring us to the next stage when we pass.

I have learned that this force is omnipresent, all around and throughout me. Rather than fighting it, I can use it, especially during times of stress, to flow through me, and allow a solution to come through that is the highest good of all.

So I surrender, again and again.

I surrender my life, my situations and my dreams to this force. I surrender my opportunities, outcomes and manifestations. I fucking surrender it all, because the truth is I don't want to do it all myself anymore. I am tired of struggling, and pretending like I have the perspective.

I don't. But I do have this same force that created all things inside of me, as does everyone who is alive. The trick is just surrendering to that, letting the Universe flow through you, clearing out the pipes if you will.

You don't have to have it figured out or know the answers, those can flow through you from a Source that has a much bigger perspective that you could even imagine!

It's time to give up the struggle, and in turn go bigger than you could imagine on your own.

You are here with a purpose, a dream for your life more magical than you could even know, already there for you, you just have to open yourself to allowing it.

Give up the struggle my friends, change your life with just a simple, 
"I surrender this situation/person/outcome/opportunity ect.. to the highest good of all. And so it is."

And so it is. 
Ready to see what's possible?

All my Love and Light 

Shelby Brown