Ordinary Is Painful

I learned that the hard way.

When I started my biz, I, like most people, dreamed of becoming an overnight success. I invested in myself, followed the protocol, did the mental work, released the limiting beliefs.. and nothing.

It was a challenge not to be hard on myself, judge myself, and wonder if because it "wasn't working" that was a sign I should just give up.

I doubted, struggled and doubted some more.

It was here I realized that I was going through what most people go through.

See, if you are an overnight success or failure, either way you are an exception, not the rule, you can feel "special".

The rule is what is painful. To feel average, like everyone else, and as if you are the statistic is what hurt the most. I was pained and ashamed, have you ever felt that way?

It was here though I had my breakthrough. It was here that I realized I am going through what ALMOST EVERYONE GOES THROUGH!!! That isn't a sad fact, it is the truth. So what could I do about it?

I could learn the skills, try the strategies and find a way through. I could then share the crap out of all I learned, and keep serving however I could. I could find a solution to a common problem, and in turn be much stronger as a person and as a coach.

I could come from a place of understanding and empathy; I could rise above.

That is what I want for you.

Remember, to fail does not mean that you ARE a failure, it just means that there is a different path to success.

Know the goal, and if it isn't working, try a new tactic.

You can never fail if you never give up! 
Don't settle, don't give up and don't forget that chaos always precedes true change.

You are not ordinary, so don't settle for it!

All my Love and Light,

Shelby XO

Shelby Brown