The Sky Is Always Blue

Whenever you are feeling like you are bogged down, emotionally, mentally or physically, remember that it is just temporary.

Kind of like when we look outside and see the grey clouds, we may say, “the sky is grey.” But in reality, we know that is not true.

The sky is just temporarily blocked out by grey clouds, but underneath it remains bright blue.
It is like that with your thoughts and emotions.

They can block out the brightness, but it is always shining underneath. You are the same.
There is an eternal brightness to you, waiting to shine forth.

When you are in those places of grey skies, just reach for the next highest thought. It doesn’t have to be some outrageously amazing thing, just something more positive than what you had currently thought. Like how you have tap water, a place to live and food in the fridge.

All great things! Remember that the clouds too will pass and the sun will come out again. It’s not about being “positive” all the time, but just noticing when you are not and trying to reach yourself out of it, while not guilting yourself for feeling the way you do.

Your human, let yourself be.

All my Love and Light,

Shelby XOXO

Shelby Brown